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1 year ago

The beginnings of Down to Earth Diva life

My Down to Earth Diva idea came to me when I was sick for a week with a throat infection and cooped up at home all week. Even though I work full time as an opera singer I knew I really wanted to do something for myself. I really had to sit and think 'what can I do?' for days and then I saw someone on the street in Brussels singing with her amp and microphone and thought 'I can do that' and my idea was born. It took me a while to work out what name I would call myself but it's perfect because I'm pretty down to earth and my job is seen as divaish even though I find it hard to be a diva. Not my thing really. So I invested in an amplifier and microphone, looked up backing tracks and got working on songs. I really loved the idea of going on the street and singing for people. Singing the stuff I like to sing. The stuff that touches my heart. It's not so often I get to sing MY songs and I really am someone who is good at getting out to the people and communicating. I've been singing for 10 years for old people in old folks homes in the North of England and it's some of my most rewarding work. I love getting to what music is all about and keeping it real. It's not easy to sing on the street though. I know it's not the best thing for my voice and every time I do it I almost don't have the courage to do it it's so nervewracking for the initial songs but the response has been brilliant. I am genuinely shocked. I needed to show myself to people. I felt it in my gut. I've been hiding myself for too long, scared to really show myself so I see this as a kind of therapy for myself too. Always struggling with self confidence and I thought if I can sing on the street I can do lots more. And it feels good to show myself. I know I am going to learn a lot from this. I already have after two weeks and people have booked me already for some events, which I am very pleased and excited about. My life has become about what new songs I can add, where I can sing and to whom, and learning words and then more words but it feels good that this is my thing and I am the boss of it. I decide what and how and when. I am a singer every day that I wake up. I lost my way for a while wondering why I was doing it, where it was going, not really enjoying myself at all, but I feel new energy coming through and I am happy about that. I know more than anything in this lifetime that I am here to sing. I just hope I can do it and makes others happy.